Judaism teaches that there is a point in our lives when we are ready to assume the responsibilities of being a member of community. It is a time to celebrate! And not just at your party...

From training to read from the Torah to building a personal prayerbook to producing the entire service, we will collaborate with each other and with our tradition to make this moment representative of who you are at this auspicious point in life.

Be it 12 or 13, 43 or 70; there comes a time when we each of us is ready.


Our family was blessed to have been able to work with Jonah for several years leading up to our daughter’s bat mitzvah. It was E. who was “technically” his student, but we all felt that it was a complete family experience. E. looked forward to her weekly sessions with Jonah. Of course, as her ceremony grew near, they worked on her d’var Torah, chanting, and the various ways in which she would lead her service. But the relationship between them was so much more. They dove deep into history, philosophy, theology. They debated, shared, laughed...
Imagine a sunny day in a garden of flowers, everyone wearing white, music playing. There was our daughter leading an entire service with her friend and rabbi beside her. We are of course proud of E., but our love for Jonah and his ability to engage a young person on such a deep sustained level is as strong.
— Liz