The ceremony that Rabbi Jonah Geffen performed at our wedding is a memory I will always cherish. He did an amazing job, not just of speaking and explaining the Jewish traditions to include our guests in each step, but making the ceremony about my husband and I, personalizing it to us as individuals and as a couple. Rabbi Geffen helped us in the planning stages, carefully describing components of a ceremony, the traditional order of things, and allowing us options so we could create not just a ceremony, but our ceremony. On our wedding day, he put us at ease, both with his professionalism and his warmth towards us, our family and our guests. Throughout, Rabbi Jonah was kind, genuine and supportive - I can honestly say it was an honor having him officiate our wedding.
— Marla A.
Everything went so well at Samantha’s Baby Naming celebration – thanks to Rabbi Jonah Geffen and his participation.

Rabbi Jonah began the ceremony welcoming everyone to Samantha’s Babynaming celebration - including Samantha. He then went on to explain to the guests the reason for a Babynaming in our Jewish tradition and then blessed her.

We all had a spiritual and good time (even Samantha) that day, and we would recommend Rabbi Jonah highly to participate and direct at any Jewish event.
— Samantha's Grandma
It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the frenzy of the wedding day. You spend months planning and stressing and you can’t wait to see how it all executes. In walks Rabbi Jonah Geffen, inspiring you to focus on the moment, to enjoy the wedding keeping the marriage in mind. We were so lucky to get married by this special person and even more lucky to always have him in our lives. Thank you always Rabbi Jonah!
— Sara and Michael
Our family was blessed to have been able to work with Jonah for several years leading up to our daughter’s bat mitzvah. It was E. who was “technically” his student, but we all felt that it was a complete family experience. E. looked forward to her weekly sessions with Jonah. Of course, as her ceremony grew near, they worked on her d’var Torah, chanting, and the various ways in which she would lead her service. But the relationship between them was so much more. They dove deep into history, philosophy, theology. They debated, shared, laughed. The year that Jonah spent in Israel, E. had to attend a “proper” Hebrew school on Sundays. She loved being with her friends, but it was clear that when Jonah returned, E. would get her weekly study sessions back. We traveled as an extended family to Israel to celebrate E’s coming of age, a very different experience than that of her older sisters, and there was no question that Jonah would play a role. Imagine a sunny day in a garden of flowers, everyone wearing white, music playing. There was our daughter leading an entire service with her friend and rabbi beside her. We are of course proud of E., but our love for Jonah and his ability to engage a young person on such a deep sustained level is as strong.
— Liz
On one side were my friends and on the other side were her friends but by the end of the ceremony everyone there were friends! We couldn’t have selected a better Rabbi for the occasion. Even though I’m reform and Stacy is conservative everyone felt like they belonged.
— Michael W.
Rabbi Jonah performed the most wonderful ceremony and made our special day memorable beyond belief. We could not have asked for a more cherished wedding ceremony than the one we received.
— Dan and Amy