Jewish Weddings

Jewish tradition brings thousands of years of songs and blessings, meaning and ritual. 

Our lives bring people and places, stories and objects.

Woven together they create your wedding.


Rabbi Jonah performed the most wonderful ceremony and made our special day memorable beyond belief. We could not have asked for a more cherished wedding ceremony than the one we received.
— Dan and Amy

Secular Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies

People have been getting married for a long time and they always need someone to guide the couple and the collection of family and friends through ceremony. 

On one side were my friends and on the other side were her friends but by the end of the ceremony everyone there were friends! We couldn’t have selected a better Rabbi for the occasion. Even though I’m reform and Stacy is conservative everyone felt like they belonged.
— Michael W.


Pre-Marital Counseling

Before your wedding we meet several times; to plan the ceremony, to get to know each other, and to prepare for your new life. 

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